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Alpha: Behind the Scenes / Custom BMW K75

It was great fun to work with Salt City Euros, and be interviewed, as they did the photo/video shoot for a video showcasing my BMW Alpha project (click the video button at right). 

We borrowed my friend Cougar Elfervig’s detail shop, Luxe Auto Spa, to do a final photo shoot on Alpha. Jun Song has been involved in documenting the proccess of Alpha from the start, so the begining of the Salt City Euro video is his. He is such a very talented guy. For this final photo shoot Max Daines, and Nico Cages from Salt City Euros got involved and brought the terrific video together. I can’t thank these guys enough

I am not a regular in front of the camera, so I was pleased with how this interview came out. I think I got the meat of the story, which really is a cool story. I learned a lot building Alpha, and am grateful to Mehmet for being patient with me through my own learning curve. Not everything goes well or according to plan! Part of my build process is to tackle the bits as they come. Trying to absorb the entire project is too much to think about and makes the project overwhelming. I like to solve one piece at a time. Alpha was a bigger build than any other motorcycle project I’ve done, so that thinking played more of a role than on other bike projects.


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