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BMW K75enlarge

This was the original bike before it became project material (click image for more).

This story was originally published as a thread on ‘Adventure Rider.’ You  can read the entire thread (and see more images) there.

Every winter I redesign and build a new engine for the landspeed bike, but since we did not run last year, I have a ready-to-go bike for 2016. The engine I have makes enough power to reach my goals. That with the Ryger two-stroke coming out that will change that genre for the better, leaves me with an open winter. My ADD would consume me and I would start drinking again if I didn’t fill my time and head with a new project.

I had been watching a Turkish designer that does incredible futuristic concepts. He is an architect and an industrial designer so this is his hobby/fun. You have probably seen some of his designs. He love landspeed racing. I immediately fell in love with his thoughts on motorcycles. His name is Mehmet Doruk Erdem.

The design I fell in love with is named ‘Alpha.’ It has clean, aggressive lines. Shark nose and bold side trim as a tribute to Paul Bracq. Exquisite!

I just happen to have a broken K75 in the backyard waiting for some spark of life. It’s a bike I have ridden for twenty years. I crunched it up a couple of summers ago.It is the perfect platform for the Alpha bike. Just the right size. I hauled it to the shop, built a stand, and got busy.

An aside: The famous Bonneville salt flats have been mined to the point of depletion. Meaning the salt is so thin we may never race there again. I hope not. There is a pretty good push to have the mining company try to replace the salt that is piled up on their land, but they really have no incentive to, and the cost is more than anyone involved can do anything about. Thank the BLM for this debacle. More info at savethesalt.org



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