Speed of Cheese Racing

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Electric motorcycles are interesting to me because there are no prior restrictions. Tradition doesn’t really play a roll, besides it that it needs two wheels. Stylish gas tanks that play such an important style cue on the motorcycles we have looked at for a decade, are a thing of the past. What new ideas can we implement?

Racer-X is my clean sheet vision of an electric motorcycle. The suspension and steering is done off of one pivot point. Steering is actuated by a servo motor and controlled by an arduino. Dr John Sullivan from Perdue University, who I have raced with on the Bonneville Salt Flats gave me the motor out of their land speed bike when they upgraded their drive train. The rest is just vivid imagination.

It will be on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles for the Electric Revolution display starting April 6th and going for a year. Come see it!

Article on BikeEXIF; http://www.bikeexif.com/extreme-electric-motorcycle-concept

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