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2017 Quail Motorcycle Gathering at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club put on by Peninsula Signature Events was a new level of bike show for me. I didn’t have time to see all of the spectacular bikes that were at the show. Rows of Vincents, Broughs, Vellocettes and much more, were too much for a guy to take in, in a day. There were at least four Yamaha TZ750s one of which was Kenny Roberts OW01?; who was there as “Legend of The Sport” honoree. Best of show was won by a 1957 Mondial GP bike that was simply stunning.

The setting was serine and quite beautiful, although I bundled up in every stitch of clothing I had, as it was cold. I wasn’t really expecting an award, but was hugely honored to have Craig Vetter present the Innovation Award to me. I have read more stories and articles about Mr. Vetter over the years than I can remember. Truly an inspirational character in the motorcycle world, and his back ground in aerodynamics was fitting for the streamlined Alpha.

It was really a great experience and one I will be back for, even as a spectator.

@speedydonahue took this photo. I think it really captures the setting, and Alpha in it. Beautiful. 


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