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Bar end turn signals are sleek and bright enough to be seen in the sunniest of days. 6 amber LEDs are voltage reduced to use in stock wiring system (no additional diodes to wire in to have your signals blink at the correct speed). There is a pigtail provided, that you wire into your existing wiring harness turn signal circuit, that has a connector that simply plugs into the wire on the turn signal. You can remove them with ease without dealing with direct wired signals.

Signals thread into the end of the SOC Leather Grips for a seamless, beautiful look. If you already have the leather grips these can be put on later, or any time.

They are offered in black anodize or natural aluminum finish. You can get the lens with a radius or 45° angle to fit the flow of the other lines on your bike. Replacing a scratched lens is very simple process so your bike always looks 100%, and they are available any time.

Priced per pair.

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