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Part of building BMW Alpha included doing things differently. There is a lot of different on Alpha, but one of my favorites are the hand grips that the guys at Bearscar Designs and the Speed of Cheese Racing team did for Alpha.

The grips are offered in black anodized or natural aluminum bases (sleeves), with the leather in black, brown, tan, and saddle tan. The throttle tube has a nylon ring on the cable pull side, and nylon inserts on the outer end side for a low friction, smooth action. The leather is a premium grade hide bought from the same supplier that does all the motorcycle saddle hides, so only the best. 

The BMW R9T needed a little more than a standard handgrip. It uses a somewhat dedicated handle bar that uses through bolts to hold the controls and grips on verses a traditional style of clamping on the bar. These grips come with a machined clip that holds the clutch side controls on, and the same bolt-on-through-the-bar system. The throttle side uses the same bolt to hold it in place which makes the grips slightly longer to clear the end of the handlebar. You can order these with a closed end on the grips or with an open end for bar end mirrors. Adapters that thread into the end of the stock bar are available for bar end mirrors.

These grips are a complete replacement using the stock controls and stock mounting points, not a cover.


Bar end turn signals are of course an option at any time.

Everything is made right here, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Hand-built quality!

Make/Models: Harley '08 and newer throttle by wire; Harley Davidson cable pull, stock cable housing; BMW K100 and K75; BMW R9T; Yamaha early RD, DT, etc; Yamaha late seventies RD400; Honda most models with either single cable or double cable pull; Kawasaki

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