Speed of Cheese Racing


It is time to start the next project. When Mehmet Doruk Erdem showed me the Titan concept a year or so ago I felt the same attraction as I did with Alpha. Where Alpha is elegant, and classic, Titan is fierce and sinister. I love the design!

My friend Josh Mckay came over to help get my milling machine to communicate with my computer (help is not the right word as I did nothing and he worked his magic). Being a Tesla fan he suggested electric power as I explained the Titan project. At the time electric power was not even on the radar for me. I love dirty, oil burning two stokes, electric power is kinda boring. Then I went for a ride in a Tesla. Yeah that power and acceleration woke me up. I thought that I could get on board with Josh’s idea for Titan. I think Titan is a great platform for a modern all electric, touch screen gauge, electric actuated steering concept bike…like no other.


As I started researching electric motors and controls I remembered Dr. John Sullivan’s Perdue University electric bike that they run on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I have talked to Dr. Sullivan and his students many times over the years, from just a curiosity stance, while we all waiting in line to run our bikes on the salt. I emailed Dr. Sullivan and asked him his opinion on this project. After a bunch of email exchanges he suggested that since they had just upgraded their race bike to a new liquid cooled motor and the latest greatest controls that the old on was just sitting and that I should use it. WOW! Such a generous offer. Land speed racers are such a family, and I am so grateful.  Since Titan is not a racebike I don’t need liquid cooling so this will work perfect for Titan. It has also pushed the Perdue University bike to 116.4 MPH, holds both FIM and AMA records, so plenty for Titan. The motor is rated at 28 kW and 147.22 Nm torque. Yes, I am learning a whole new language which is good.

I had started the Bultaco build as a precursor to doing Titan. Using the frame jig and getting my welder sorted was a good call. Titan’s tube chassis is going to be a challenge and I only want to build it once. With the Bultaco on its own wheels I added the long base runners to the frame jig and started getting my head around this build. Where I built Alpha from three or four pictures of the rendering, with Titan, Doruk sent me the solid model. Although it is a weird format that is billion facets and not solid panels I can still use it to design the interior framework. Also where Alpha was based off and existing engine and drive, Titan is completely fresh and new. 

To be continued…

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