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Racer x

Racer X

Electric motorcycles are interesting to me because there are no prior restrictions. Tradition doesn’t really play a roll, besides that it needs two wheels. Stylish gas tanks that play such an important visual cue on the motorcycles we have looked at for a century... are a thing of the past. This is my vision.

Racer-X is at the Haas Moto and Sculpture Museum in Dallas.

Photo by Greg Wilson

Bonneville Salt Flats

Yamaha Rd400 on the salt 2019. Will be out there again this year.

See the video here;

Amsoil video

Photo by Amsoil Racing

RD heaven

Photo shoot with Max Danes. 11-16-21

Victoria Avanti

1964 Victoria. Still in progress.

Where does "Speed of Cheese Racing" come from?

In 2005 I painted the RD400 landspeed bike. I called my buddy The Tonus (he is an artist, and has a series called Hand Over The Hero in the comic book world. Check it out). I asked him to do something cool with the bike so he made paint splotches in red, starting big and as they went down the side of the bike getting smaller and smaller. Some of the front splatters are caricatures/characters. One of which is my logo. I liked that one because it represents what I hope my outward look is. Focused, determined, unwavering with a hidden grin under it all.

Back to the story; A year or so after we did the paint, the guys I worked with at the time found a picture of me sitting on the bike out on the salt somewhere on the interweb. They photocopied it and once black and white made the bike look like a Holstein cow, so they phtotshopped me on a cow and made hundreds of copies. They plastered them all over the shop. Under peoples windsheild wipers, etc. Someone wrote "traveling at the speed of cheese" or something close to that. It made me laugh so embraced it and called my race team Speed of Cheese Racing. When I started the business I thought of names that I thought would make me sound solid. I finally concluded that it was me that was solid so the name didn't matter so I ran with SOCR. Still makes me laugh. When I walk into the steel supply place or heat treater they can't always remember my name but they always remember Speed of Cheese. Which is just fine with me.

The other thought I had with this is, that lots of people in the motorcycle world have angry shop names Devils Helpers, or Dirtbag Cycles, whatever. Seems like silly projection. Motorcycles are fun. They are not necessary in most modern cultures so I think you should have a big massive grin whenever you get to ride, work-on, play with, think about motorcycles. I hope Speed of Cheese Racing makes you smile!