BMW Alpha

Bultaco TSS

Racer x

Racer X

Electric motorcycles are interesting to me because there are no prior restrictions. Tradition doesn’t really play a roll, besides that it needs two wheels. Stylish gas tanks that play such an important visual cue on the motorcycles we have looked at for a century... are a thing of the past. This is my vision.

Racer-X is at the Haas Moto and Sculpture Museum in Dallas.

Photo by Greg Wilson

Bonneville Salt Flats

Yamaha Rd400 on the salt 2019. Will be out there again this year.

Photo by Amsoil Racing

Bultaco TSS

Just a fun little two stroke. Photo by David Arellano

RD heaven

Photo shoot with Max Danes. 11-16-21

Victoria Avanti

1964 Victoria. Still in progress.