Cool stuff

Here are some cool things we have done recently;


Nimbus wheel for Medaza Cycles


Wheel for Nimbus custom


 Nimbus cylinder head. Machined completely from a block of 6061. Chapman Racing Heads finished off the valve job. Don Cronin is a master and this bike will be incredible.

 This is the finished bike;

One of my favorite projects I did for Don Cronin was this sculpture. It is an artistic representation of the actual MotoGuzzi that Don won the AMD World Championship with and is now housed in the Haas Museum in Dallas. Don designed it all I just machined it. Don is an artist by trade and truly has a terrific eye and is a wonderful guy to hang out and work with. This display is 20 feet from my two bikes that are in the Haas Museum. 











Hazan Motorworks dual engine Velocette. The front rim is two pieces and tied together with  looped receivers and pinned with the spoke head inserts. They look similar to a bicycle aero rim. One of the best features on this bike, and there are many, but the primary drive belt that drives the transmission on one side and the supercharger on the other is clever, simple and beautiful. The whole thing is just exquisite.


We then made a rear rim to match the front. These rims are completely original and only on this bike.


 Rear rim.

 One side of the front rim.

The two sides put together and pinned.


 The Vincent;


Rear wheel. He wanted a "Borrani" style rim but, 6" wide, which of course has never been made. That was 100lb chunk of 6061 to start with.

This is the front hub.




You cant really see how beautiful the inside spoked hub is in this photo. Andy Romanoff in reflection.

Rear hub.


Isnt that dropout sexy?



Andy Romanoff


Andy Romanoff


 This swingarm we made for Championship Cycles for an RZ500. It came out so amazing. Machined in separate pieces and then welded together by Dustin Francis who did and awesome job. This will be one of the finest RZs ever.


And an upper triple clamp for a Ducati.


Helicopter snow shoes.




Randy Weaver from Weaver Customs built this beautiful C-10 Truck. We did the wheel centers from billet. Great truck and I love how the wheels came out and of course all the other pieces we machined for it.






Access doors in the bed of the truck. One has a battery and the other a cooler.

 Another set of wheels on a Weaver Customs truck. I don't remember how many awards this truck has won. It is awesome.





CAD image.

Roughed in.

These are sexy wheels.


This is Ron Evans's Mustang built by Weaver Customs.


I must have machined hundreds of parts on this car. It has a 1000HP Boss 429 engine in it. Amazing build.

In process wheel center.

Before assembly.

Front brake ducts and interior trim.

Exhaust tip.

Door handles




So many small details on this one. Wheels, exhaust openings, front brake duct openings, taillights, door handles, bed access doors. Too much to list. Every fastener has a washer that looks like the wheels. One of my favorite trucks ever.


I scanned that complex surface and machined the insert to match. Dropped right in.





Sweet Triumph bar risers for Brian at Thompson Cycles.






 Landspeed engine stuff. Yamaha RD400 with RZ350 engine.

497cc RZ engine.


Two piece pistons